More than 260,000 companies are already using Magento

Magento Open Source Edition

Open source in its best form. You get access to the output of all the thousands of developers who work daily to develop Magento. At the same time you pay no license fee and Lybe secures support.

In the latest version, Magento 2, technical architecture and user interfaces have been improved. This is the right choice for most businesses, from startup to established companies.

Magento Commerce Edition

The most competent e-commerce platform in an officially supported version. Compared to the Open Source version, Commerce has enhanced functionality and is especially powerful for B2B businesses.

Forrester placed Magento Commerce as "Leader" in their evaluation of "B2B Commerce Suites for Midsize Organizations".



260 000+


150 000





Lybe Magento package

Working with Magento since 2010 we have continuously developed a foundation. This includes the smallest common denominator for what is always needed in an e-commerce project. An optimized starting point prepared to scale.

Lybe Magento Modules

As Magento has been extended hundreds of thousands of times, most of the needs have already been met. These solutions are then packaged in so-called extensions that we can reuse. Through Magento and Lybe extensions, you can reuse other people's work.

Managed hosting

We have spent thousands of hours building a technical infrastructure of the highest quality. As a customer to us, you benefit from this work and can feel secure for continued growth.


Through experience of B2B complexity and Magento's capacity for this, we reach top class for this segment. This may include, for example, integrations with business systems and PIM systems, price list management, customer-unique catalogs and quick order management.

Top ranking by independent research institutes

Forrester has placed Magento Commerce as "Leader" in their evaluation of "B2B Commerce Suites for Midsize Organizations".

Gartner has also placed Magento as Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. The company believes that this award recognizes the platform's unique ability to provide customers with the flexibility and scalability needed to grow and relate to the fast-paced market changes, while maintaining a low overall cost.

Why Lybe has chosen to work with Magento

With experience of advanced e-commerce since 2000, Lybe employees have experience from most of the established e-commerce platforms. These include Hybris, Litium, EpiServer and IBM Commerce. When we started working with Magento 2010 we fell in love, this is the platform of the future. Here we list some reasons for our choice:

Open Source

In contrast to proprietary technology developed in-house, this ensures future proofing. No lock-in in either solution or agency means that the risk is minimized. No limitations regarding extending and integrations. All this and the customer owns his code.


Magento has the most functionality of all platforms on the market out-of-the-box. For example, there is a built-in CMS that replaces the need for a separate platform for the website. The product catalog is powerful with attribute management and a variety of different composite product types. Multisite functionality is an architectural strength that could only be matched by the most expensive Enterprise solutions.


Everything from one-man companies to large multinational companies uses Magento. How you grow with more sites, in more countries with currencies and languages, and capacity in volume and performance is basically unlimited.

There are more than 5,000 available extensions. The chance that one of the thousands of companies working with Magento has encountered your needs, and then solved that, is plausible.


There is a large community around Magento that constantly provides direct support in the form of blogs, articles and forums.

Over 260,000 companies use Magento today, it's a platform to count on in the future.

Our partners

To complement Magento's capacity and our cutting-edge expertise, we at Lybe have established a number of strategic partnerships. Each partner is carefully selected to complement Magento and our offering. One cannot be the best at everything alone, but together we are.

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Svea Ekonomi
Collector Bank